Getting Better in 2015

The staff at MFF not only helps all of us to get 1% better every day—they work to get 1% better every year.  So what are some of the MFF staff thinking about for 2015 New Year’s resolutions?

Alison Quinones (Office Ninja, Clubhouse Dominatrix):

Paint more

Erin Thompson (Fitness Ninja, Dragon Tamer):

Deepen MFF relationships, action, daily discipline, choreograph, create and collaborate, serve, listen, build a home, heal, love, connect, continued love and understanding with husband, complete secret project.

Carly Knight (Executive Assistant, Treehouse Vixen):

Begin my path to millions without having to marry into it.

Michael Keeler (Co-owner, Business Wizard, MFF Life Coach):

To make a larger investment in health and creativity.

Drew Little (Office Ninja):

Strength, Love, Compassion, Money, Peace.

Talia Corren (Goddess of Goodness):

My New Year’s Resolution (one of them) is to really own my calendar. Plan my schedule thoughtfully and then execute like a motherfucker.

Reilly Jennings (Princess of Puppies):

More puppies. Less snacks. Books. Risk. Even more puppies.

Kyle Langworthy (Training Manager/ Beast/ The Batman):


Alex Rubin: (The Mane Event):

The OHIO method: Only Handle It Once!

Mark Fisher (Co-owner/ Ninja Master/ Breaker of Chains):

2015 is the year of: “Because I’m focused on honoring my current personal and professional commitments, I won’t be able to make this work. Thanks for reaching out!”

I struggle with this because I don’t ever want anyone to feel brushed off. Even these emails will never (SHOULD NEVER) be form emails, as it’s important to me to honor the person who’s taken the time to write and and ask to connect with me in some way. But, in order to not run myself into the ground, I’m gonna have to get into a “just say no” groove haha.

Coach Fury (Fitness Ninja):

To generate more calm and less storm.

Liz Messina (Fitness Ninja, The Oracle of Strength):

My resolution is to back squat 225.  Do 5 unassisted pull ups.

Geoffrey Hemingway (Mr. Wonderful, Fitness Ninja):

To take less for granted, and get Strong as FUCK.

Christian Sineath (The Siren):

Jacked. Self-care, Creativity, Engagement (figurative and put-a-ring-on-it)

Chris Crowthers (Master of the Universe, Snatched Guru, Fitness Ninja):

Spend more time on ME!

Brian Patrick Murphy (Hotness Expert, Life Coach, Manimal):

To do something I’ve never done before (wink).

Landen Jones (Fitness Ninja, Chelsea Piers):

I have three: 1. Get into AMAAAAAAAZING envy inducing shape. 2. Work on becoming more disciplined. 3. Get closer to financial independence.

Katie Kaufman (Membership Ninja, Keeper of the Rainbow):

I have a million small resolutions. I want bucket list adventures and overall to take care of myself a little more. (I think those 2 are the big ones.)

Elizabeth Stacey (Clubhouse Patronus):

Oh there are so many intentions I could write about for what I hope this next year will bring into fruition.  I guess the overarching sentiment is this:

“I’ve been here in NYC for 8 years, always with one foot in and one foot out. As an actor you sort of have to think that way. But this year I want to embrace being a New Yorker and truly appreciate all of the joys that the city brings to my life: a job that I adore, loyal friendships, unique experiences and a cozy nest with my One.”

Ilana Bolotsky (Snatched Sweetheart):

To help the world as a whole move closer to finding peace, health and happiness.


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