Fresh Meat: Welcome Alison!

Ladies and Gentleman, I’m super stoked to announce the MFF Family has grown AGAIN.  I have every confidence we’re gonna be able to take the Ninja Lovin’ to a whole new level with the addition of our newest team member.  We’re are delighted, proud, and titillated to introduce you to our newest Office Ninja, Alison Quinones!


MF:  Allie!  I’m soooo happy you took this gig and I’m bubbling over with excitement to introduce you to the Ninja Army.  Would you be so kind as to tell our readers a bit about yourself?

AQ:  Well, where do I start? I’m a Jersey girl born and raised with a bit of a western flare, as I lived and played on the West coast for 12 years. I am a “Jackie of all trades” who loves to learn and pick up new hobbies/skills. I’m the girl that can demolish and rebuild a house, change the oil in a car, cook a killer meal, paint, draw, sculpt, and dance (mostly Salsa). I also like long walks on the beach, sunsets, and killer margaritas. In my spare time, I play the cheesiest 80’s music in my apartment and dance with my dog, Peanut. She refuses to learn Salsa, but does a mean Tango.

MF:  Awesome.  I love a dog with a strong opinions about various styles of Latin dance.  One of the things that makes you different than any of our other office Ninjas is that you’re not home grown and have not previously been a Ninja (well… not an MFF Ninja.  Maybe you’re been a real ninja.  That’d be cool.)  Can you tell us a bit about your experience in the fitness industry and how the hell I convinced you to come ride the unicorn at MFF?

AQ:  I’ve been an athlete since I was 5 yrs. old and have competed in gymnastics, basketball, field hockey, track and rugby. I was fortunate and crazy enough to play rugby for 8 yrs. across the United States, and at the National level. My athletic experience made it a natural transition to go into personal training. I was a trainer in the Phoenix Metro Area for 10 yrs. at a studio that focused strictly on one on one and “buddy” training. When I moved back to the East Coast, I took a position as an Operations Manager for a brand new fitness facility in Hoboken, NJ. I worked there for over 2 yrs. and although it was sad to leave, it was time for a change. Enter MFF…

How could I NOT want to be a part of the ninja-filled, unicorn loving, kick-ass-ness energy that is Mark Fisher Fitness?!! The love and acceptance that fills the room is intoxicating! I was drawn to this awesomeness and appreciative  that among all the silliness/ridiculousness is the strong desire to be healthy, fit, strong, loving human beings. So, there was not much convincing. ;o) To ride the unicorn at MFF is an honor.

MF:  Love it!!  So now that we have you on the team, is there anything else you’d like the Ninjas to know about you?  Or anything you’re particularly looking forward to about Clubhouse life?

AQ:  I want the Ninjas to know that I will be one of their biggest allies/supporter. I love hugs and you’ll rarely ever see me without a smile. Life is too short to not live, laugh and love. I am very excited to be a part of the family and meet more and more wonderful people. I’m also excited to add to the MFF experience and learn new things on this journey.


And there you have it, a brand spanking new MFF team member for you to befriend/ fall in love with/ fantasize about.  Do make sure to say hi and introduce yourself the next time you’re in the Ninja Clubhouse!

On behalf of the whole MFF team, the Ninja Army, and the invisible unicorns denizens of the Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams, welcome to the family Allie!!


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