Do Supplements Really Work?

Today we’re gonna cover one of the most frequently asked questions in all of fitness:

Do supplements work?

And if so, what role should they play in your health and fitness?

  • There are a few supplements that are almost universally worth considering.
  • Most supplements don’t have much (if any evidence) to back their efficacy.
  • Supplements have VERY high margins, which means consumer beware, as companies that sell supplements have a powerful financial incentive to sell you lots and lots.
  •  MFF approved non-shady brands and actually effective products HERE.

First off, I have to make a confession. I’m slightly biased against supplements.

As someone that came up in fitness at the same time as the rise of the supplement superstores, I spent sooooo much money on stuff that didn’t really work.

Instead of focusing on my nutrition to support my fitness goals, I was titillated by the promises of powders and pills. I loved reading about them in bodybuilding magazines, I was entranced by the models in the ads, and most of all, I enjoyed the ritual of choking down horse pills and/or the latest and greatest pre-workout powder concoction.

How I felt inside when buying a shiny new supplement in spite of being broke af.

As my obsession with fitness deep end throughout my twenties, I started diving into actual research. And lo and behold, much of what I had been led to believe by the well-intentioned-but-not-evidence-based young salesman at GNC turned out, in fact, to be false. Alas!

The vast majority of powders and pills out there make wildly unsubstantiated claims that don’t hold up under the weight of scientific research. And that’s why I find myself a touch jaded on the subject.

However, I do have a few standbys. GNC-chicanery aside, there are a handful of high-quality, evidence-based additions to your diet that can TOTALLY be helpful in making your fitness dreams come true.

The key to successful utilizing supplements is understanding that they are just that: a supplement to support your diet, fill in any nutritional gaps, and give you an extra edge towards whatever your fitness goals happen to be.

First off, DISCLAIMER: you should always check with a doctor first before taking any supplements, especially if you have a pre-existing condition.

If you’re curious to take a gander at MFF’s recommendations of products that actually work, I’ve spent the last two months researching brands and options and consulting with the smartest nutrition brains I know (including MFF’s very own resident nutrition wiz Miguel Alemar!). It with great enthusiasm that I now share with you the official MFF recommendations organized in one place for your convenience

Whether you’re looking to supercharge your recovery, improve your sleep quality, or build more muscle, you can be sure the products on this page are fully vetted and approved by your pals at MFF. Up top you’ll see the “MFF Basic 4” that we think most people should consider as a foundation for fitness greatness. Then you’ll see a list of slightly-more-exotic but still worthy-of-consideration options below.

(Some of these products are going to be a bit pricier than the fly-by-night, lower quality brands you can find on Amazon. But like much of life, you pay for what you get. If you DO want to use supplements, it’s important to use top-notch, high-quality products so you actually get the benefit you’re looking for, instead of a tub o’ fillers.)

“Thanks Mark! But what about {fill-in-the-blank-product}?”

If it’s not on this page, I think you should probably skip it 99% of the time if you’re a regular human who wants to look good, move well, and feel great.

(If you’re working with a specialist to support a clinical condition, they may have some other suggestions. But we’ve already established that is NOT a scenario that I have any business advising on. Stayin’ in my lane over here!)

Like everything else in life, your success will come down to the basics. The same holds true for supplements.

Rather than spending your money on expensive products that will make your pee a delightful color, you’re better off investing that money elsewhere: in high quality foods, in high quality fitness coaching, or at the very least, in your savings account.

Jingle bells all the waaaaaaay,

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