Christian Sineaths Journey

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Testimonial: “I knew it had to be BIG”

I signed up for the Snatched in Six Weeks program in June of 2011. During my pre-requisite FMS screen, the first thing that Mark Fisher asked me was, “Why are you here?” Suddenly and inexplicably I was fighting back tears. Speechless. I felt stupid and dramatic at the emotional response triggered by a such a simple question. I finally mumbled, “I’ve never been happy with my body, and I want to change that.” Mark didn’t skip a beat and said, “We will make your fitness dreams come true!” I believed him. And so my journey began.


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On Training Dancers

(Note from Mark: The below article was written for a website that offers education for trainers.  They approached me to talk about training dancers, and I obliged with this here article.  Although it’s written for trainers, I think most folks (especially dancers) can learn a thing or two by seeing how we approach dancers.  I also apologize, since I had to make it all professional and shit, it’s distinctly lacking in f bombs.  I hope you can fucking forgive me.)

Barre Classes

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In My Humble Opinion: Barre Classes!

And now for another installment of “this is what I think about this type of exercise class!”  Today’s review looks at the world of barre classes, which can probably be loosely defined as exercise classes based on the work and methodology of Lotte Berk.  Berk’s style of fitness glory was heavily influenced by her background as a dancer (hence the use of a ballet barre); it’s been described as a combination of pilates, hatha yoga, and resistance training.