Ali Solomon

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Story of Glory: Ali Solomon

Broadway Dancer, Choreographer and Ninja Extraordinaire Ali Solomon has an inspiring story of what it means stay the course. No matter what the road holds, Ali is in for the ride full out! Every so often a person or an experience comes into your life, and you know that he/she/it will remain a part of …

Laura Heywood Before and After

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Story of Glory: Laura Heywood

At MFF, many Ninjas learn that getting the most out of running their race means taking risks and stepping outside of their comfort zones. This featured Ninja reaped the rewards of stepping into the arena and realizing her full-fledged unicorn glory! Ninja Army, meet Laura Heywood! Down the Rabbit Hole What if, when Alice fell …

Jennie Geoffroy Before And After

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Story of Glory: Jennie Geoffroy

Jennie Geoffroy is one of literally hundreds of Ninjas at the MFF Clubhouse who have amazing stories to tell. She just completed her fourth (!) round of Snatched and took some time to share her journey. We hope she inspires you as much as she inspires us!