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Ask the Wizard

Got questions about finding balance in your life? Want some ideas for reducing stress? Looking for ideas with business and career issues? Need advice on relationships? Wondering what to feed the unicorn? Let the Wizard help you out! (TWEET THAT SHIT!) Ask the Wizard is our sexy new MFF newsletter feature, where answers are just a click away! Let the Wizard answer any and all …

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Turbo Charge Your Why

In the Mark Fisher Fitness Snatched in Six Weeks® program, we always ask, what is your “Why”? Why are you committing to this for 6 weeks? Why are you stepping out of your comfort zone? Why did you just give us a month’s rent to do this? Having a strong Why is super important when it comes to taking action and getting started.

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My Favorite Thing

One of the things I absolutely love about working at MFF is the willingness to celebrate. This is something I am obsessed with and something I see happen every single day.  Not only do I love to watch celebration, but I also deeply believe in its importance for a better life and world. The beauty is that it’s not only the MFF team I see celebrate, but the Ninjas as well. We celebrate big moments of PRs and weight loss or gain, and the seemingly small victories of merely showing up on the tough days.  

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Grip the Bell

I stepped into the gym on a cool spring Tuesday evening, ready to begin a training session. I was feeling particularly unenergetic that evening, a bit discouraged as to my progress with weightlifting. I was being consistent, but progress seemed to be moving at a snail’s pace.