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How to Follow Through Like Never Before

by Guest Ninja Beth Wittig
We’ve all been there, seriously gung-ho about losing weight, getting into our ideal bodies, feeling light and hot and free from all the body shame. For a short stretch of time, we are on fire. Then, life happens, overwhelm ensues, motivation wanes and before we know it, we are ten pounds heavier than when we started eating an entire bag of chocolate covered pretzels, downing a bottle of wine, and then crying to the Gods, ”How did this happen?!?!”


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Don’t Get Pissed. Get Better.

by Michael Keeler, Business Wizard, Life & Business Coach
Let’s face it, we’re not robots and we’re not the Buddha. As much as we might wish that we were in control of our emotions, we’re not. It doesn’t matter how heartless or enlightened you are, we all have those things (both big and small) that push our buttons and piss us off! Even when we realize that our buttons are being pushed, it’s super tough to prevent our blood from boiling – my skin crawls just THINKING about some of the shit that annoys me. #traderjoesat7pm

If you have a body, you are an athlete.

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You’re a Fucking Athlete, Damnit!

by Harold Gibbons, Trainer & Certified Fitness Nerd
We who frequent the Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams are united in our Belief that we can get 1% better every day.  Our journey is a relentless pursuit of personal truth, but sometimes the truth can be ugly. (TWEET THAT SHIT!)

Ninja Challenge

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Ninja Challenge: Gratitude

by Michael Keeler, Business Wizard, Life & Business Coach Attention Ninjas of the world! Ready for a challenge?  For many of you, learning is about doing. You are most engaged when you are trying something new and taking a hands-on approach to learning. We totally get it! To celebrate the power of TAKING ACTION, the …

Less is more

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Can You Get Too Much Exercise?

by Ninja Master, Mark Fisher
Recently a beloved Ninja brought this article to my attention that ran in the NY Times.  In a nutshell, the article addresses this question as it relates to the heart.  Since the heart is a muscle, and muscles can get beat up with overuse… can you do cardiovascular training to the point where the heart is negatively impacted?


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6 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating in its Tracks

by Guest Ninja Beth Wittig
We’ve all been there. There is an emotional trigger and without even really thinking, suddenly you are eating. The first bite tastes great but then you barely taste anything. You may find you are eating with such ferocity, it actually hurts a bit going down but before you know it, you have polished off an entire loaf of bread, half a left-over apple pie, an entire bag of potato chips or a pint of ice-cream. To say you feel gross is putting it mildly but like many people, you may just say, “What the hell?” and keep on going. Might as well fall of the wagon hard if you are going to fall off, right? Might as well make the most of it?