Join MFF this fall and

on one of our most popular memberships to say

to summer in style!

Join MFF this fall and

on one of our most popular memberships
so you can say,

to summer in style!

Thru August 24, get 8 classes and 4 trainings for $169*

For most of us, summer time can be a bit distracting from our fitness goals…

✅ You travel a lot and miss workouts.

✅ You eat out more than usual.

✅ You get ice cream for dessert.

✅ You enjoy margaritas while the sun sets.

And you know what?

THAT’S EFFIN’ AWESOME. Sometimes you’ve got to live your life.


As the summer ends, you’re starting to think about taking your fitness into the high gear. You’re wondering what you can do to renew your commitment. What’s the very best way to get back on the fitness unicorn?

I’m so glad you asked. 😎

The very best way to achieve optimal health and hotness is a mix of Mark Fisher Fitness classes and semi-private training. This combo is uniquely effective to burn fat, build muscle, and get the best possible results; you just show up, and we tell you *exactly* what to do.

But there’s a catch.

That level of individual coaching, attention, and fast-tracked results doesn’t come cheap.

At least not usually…

But over the next two weeks, you have access to our *best deal ever* for new members to join MFF with minimal commitment on one of our most popular membership packages:

✅ $169 for your first month of 8 classes and 4 training sessions (reg. $448/month)

✅ A 3 month-only agreement

✅ 30-Day 100% money back guarantee

✅ Tickles**

If you’ve been toying with the idea of joining (or re-joining!) MFF, we want to make it easy for you to have the fittest fall of your life. We’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of people *just like you* burn fat, have more energy, and find a fitness solution you ACTUALLY like.

💪🏾 Burn Fat

💪🏻 Get Strong

💪🏽 Enjoy the Process

Join Mark Fisher Fitness today and let NYC’s quirkiest, friendliest fitness experts help you say “Bye, gurl!” to summer in style.

**Tickles provided only with prior consent 🙂




We get it. Fitness isn’t always fun. Gyms can be intimidating, New Yorkers are busy as hell, and training hard can seem daunting.

That’s why MFF is about making fitness as enjoyable as possible. Because our trainers are a bunch of super-nerds, we know how to get results quickly and safely.

We work with all kinds of people looking to get “healthy and hot” (including many who’ve never belonged to a gym). We’re all about getting you results AND we’re committed to being a fitness home that you actually love.

Yep. We don’t love gyms either. That’s why we created an Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams. Why be a gym member, when you can be a Ninja?



Have you ever been to a crappy group fitness class? Where it’s kind of a clusterf*ck, the instructor doesn’t know your name or goals, and there’s no actual coaching? That’s like the opposite of an MFF class.

Our classes are designed for maximum fat loss and general conditioning while building strength and keeping your joints healthy. We’ll help you find the appropriate challenge level to get the best results while staying injury free. In other words, we don’t break you down, we build you up!

Plus, we’re obsessed with making new friends. You’ll never be a rando stranger at MFF. You’ll get personalized coaching by a team that’s committed to your success.

Training AT MFF

Semi-private training is our version of one-on-one personal training. Traditional personal training costs upwards of $150 per hour in NYC. It also requires you to be locked into one trainer. At MFF, we believe that elite training shouldn’t just be for the uber rich. Our semi-private approach offers you the same individualized workouts tailored to your goals, but for half the cost and with way more scheduling flexibility.

Your training sessions will be with a small group of (up to) two other Ninjas. This intimate size allows for the same personalized coaching you’d get with traditional one-on-one training, along with the chance to meet new pals / possible hook-up partners. And since it’s cheaper than standard personal training, you can work out more often and get faster results.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not having a blast, getting sweaty, and learning enough engaging and challenging new fitness concepts to promote your #bestlife, just let us know within your first 30 days of working out with us and we’ll give you your money back. Seriously. If MFF is not for you, we’ll lovingly help you find another place to pursue your health and hotness goals. #nobullshit


“I am forever grateful for this program, not only for the pounds shed or for the confidence built, but for the openness. I never thought that I could feel so emotionally and physically fulfilled from a gym. But that’s the thing, it’s not just a gym.”

– Danielle, Super Ninja

“I knew in 2014 that MFF was going to be a life changer. I couldn’t have ever imagined the actual journey, but where I am now is definitely the type of magical result only created within this community of unicorns. Can’t wait to see how much further I go, and what happens next!”

– Joe, Super Ninja

“The most beautiful lesson of all – listening to yourself and your intuition pays off. MFF gives you an amazing support team and structure for ultimate health and hotness, but the truth is that the real goodies lie within yourself.”

– Maria, Super Ninja

“Something I learned recently in analyzing my “why” is that my motivation has changed and shifted. I don’t need to do anything for anyone else but myself. In fact, I’m now doing it solely for ME, and me alone.”

– Zach, Super Ninja

hurry, Your First Month is $169* Through August 24 only

If you’re ready to let NYC’s quirkiest, friendliest fitness experts show you exactly what to do, sign up today.




Cannot be combined with any other offers. Available for muggles, former Ninjas, or current/former Snatcheders purchasing a new 3-month membership agreement that includes 8 classes + 4 trainings per month at MFF Hell’s Kitchen OR MFF Bowery. Current Ninjas are not eligible. 30-day money back guarantee is valid only for first-time Ninjas at Mark Fisher Fitness.

First month will be billed at $169 plus tax. Subsequent months will be billed at the full retail price of $448 plus tax for the remainder of the term. Early terminations are not permitted on 3-month memberships. All Memberships autorenew at the full retail price unless the Ninja contacts MFF to terminate prior to the autorenewal.

Offer valid through Friday, August 24, 2018. Membership must begin no later than Sunday September 2, 2018. Offer not available for short-term visitor agreements and may be revoked at any time.

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