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Snatched in 6 Weeks June/July!!

It is with epic joy that I announce the dates for my next session of The “Snatched in 6 Weeks” Total Body Makeover.  Over the past few months this class has brought me more happiness than I can tell you, and the response from participants has been humbling and overwhelming.  If you’re ready to make this the hottest summer of your life… email me ASAP.  And a word to the wise, it may literally sell out by the end of the day, so if you’re down for it, email me this second.

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Most of us know someone who has suffered from an eating disorder of some kind. And while most of us are familiar with anorexia and bulimia, a lesser know eating disorder has started to surface in those who pursue a life of health and hotness: orthorexia.

"So What Do You Think of P90X?"

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“So What Do You Think of P90X?”

by Ninja Master Mark Fisher
Rarely does a week go by without someone asking me my opinion of the ubiquitous infomercial smash hit, P90X.  For those of you who may not watch TV late at night or Saturday afternoon, P90X is a three month long DVD program of home workouts. The program is the mastermind of fitness guru/ celebrity trainer Tony Horton.  Although by all accounts P90X has been a big commercial success, it’s been somewhat controversial in the broader fitness industry.

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Movement is Life

There are a lot of rad things about modern day society.  I can watch YouTube on my cellphone.  I can get in a tin can that takes me from one part of New York City to another.  I can watch Mad Men on DVD whenever I want.  Hells to the yeah.

Good Tissue Quality is Bitchin

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Good Tissue Quality is Bitchin’

Muscles.  Boy they’re awesome.  Not only do they give us shape and make us hot, but they totally help our bones get around and do stuff.  And while you’re no doubt already training your muscles to be stronger (and/or bigger), and you’re no doubt already stretching diligently to maintain optimal muscle length, let us consider the importance of soft tissue quality.  

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Old? More like SMOKIN’ HOT.

Well friends, we find ourselves at an interesting moment in fitness history.  The lifestyle of the average American is more sedentary than ever.  Consequently health and fitness attributes from mobility to strength to body composition are at an all time low for inactive people.