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Beginning Your MFF Romance

One of MFF’s most cherished values is excellence at the basics.  When someone starts their Ninja journey, there are a trio of fitness adventures that help new folks get the fastest, safest results right out of the gate.  For those of you currently titillated by MFF and about sign up for a membership, you’ll want to get the party started right!


Fitness Consultations:

 This is a 60 minute one-on-one session with one of our team members.  During the consultation, we’ll find out about your particular background, goals, and injury history.  We also take you through a Functional Movement Screen to make sure your body is moving well enough to handle high intensity training.  (And don’t you worry, it we find stuff to work on, our trainers will prescribe some exercises to do to get you moving better in no time!)

WHY IT’S AWESOME: By beginning our romance with this one-on-one hour, we can really get to know you as individual.  By nipping any injury risk in the bud, we know we can get you to your goals in the safest, fastest way possible!  AND, for those of you doing semi-private training, our expert program designers will use your background and movement screen info to design a custom-made program just for YOU!


 Once you’ve had your first date with us, it’s time to werk it out, gurl!  UniCORE provides the perfect entry ramp for those brand new to fitness. For more advanced Ninjas, it’s a chance for us to offer some tweaks and ensure your technique is gonna let you kick maximum ass! 

WHY IT’S AWESOME: Since the UniCORE classes are small and designed for folks new to kettlebell work, it allows us to make sure you really understand how to move in a way that will keep you injury free.  Even our elite Broadway dancers usually need at least one class for us to bring them up to speed on optimal training technique.  For folks brand new to movement, this will be a safe and nurturing space for them to be sufficiently challenged and learn great technique before diving into our quicker-moving, higher-intensity classes.  New folks should feel free to take a few UniCOREs if appropriate!

Ninja Baptism:

Knowledge is power, motherf#@kers!  In this 60-minute seminar with “The Franchise” himself, Mark Fisher will equip you with the strategies necessary to kick fitness ass.  In addition to explaining the rationale behind MFF’s industry-leading methods, Mark will answer any and all questions about MFF, training, and nutrition to make sure you’re on the right path to fitness victory!


WHY IT’S AWESOME:  Training is really just one part of the equation when looking to achieve your fitness goals. By taking this hour to let Mark debunk common fitness myths and answer your questions, we can make sure you’re taking the right steps for your particular situation and goals.  PLUS, with in-person and on-line webinar versions, now you can attend in the Clubhouse or from the comfort of your own home!

By taking the time to build the foundation for the ass-kicking to come, the above three foundations will help you get the fastest, safest, and best results possible out of your MFF experience.  

If you’ve been working your ass off in the gym and you’re not seeing the results you deserve…fuck that shit!  Run away with the circus and come hop on the unicorn.  And with our new 1 month trial Just Hookin’ Up, it’s never been easier to sample the glory!

We look forward to making out with you!!


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