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Don’t Get Pissed. Get Better.

by Michael Keeler, Business Wizard, Life & Business Coach
Let’s face it, we’re not robots and we’re not the Buddha. As much as we might wish that we were in control of our emotions, we’re not. It doesn’t matter how heartless or enlightened you are, we all have those things (both big and small) that push our buttons and piss us off! Even when we realize that our buttons are being pushed, it’s super tough to prevent our blood from boiling – my skin crawls just THINKING about some of the shit that annoys me. #traderjoesat7pm

Ninja Challenge

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Ninja Challenge: Gratitude

by Michael Keeler, Business Wizard, Life & Business Coach Attention Ninjas of the world! Ready for a challenge?  For many of you, learning is about doing. You are most engaged when you are trying something new and taking a hands-on approach to learning. We totally get it! To celebrate the power of TAKING ACTION, the …

Gay Unicorn

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Beginning Your MFF Romance

One of MFF’s most cherished values is excellence at the basics.  When someone starts their Ninja journey, there are a trio of fitness adventures that help new folks get the fastest, safest results right out of the gate.  For those of you currently titillated by MFF and about sign up for a membership, you’ll want to get the party started right!

Injured Ninja raglan tee

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5 Reasons to See a Physical Therapist Before You Are “Injured”

By Guest Ninja Ann Wendel, PT, ATC, CMTPT
Hi Ninjas! I’m thrilled to get to talk to you here on the MFF blog! I have met some of you (and miss you terribly already); but, for those of you I haven’t met yet, I’m a physical therapist in the D.C. area. My passion is helping people live awesome lives! So, of course, I want to help you reach your health and hotness goals.