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Soul Body Testimonial: “I wasn’t sure I was fix-able”

For those of you who don’t know what Soul Body System is yet, it is a GROUP mentorship at MFF that bridges the gap between nutrition, mindset and deep personal transformation. In case you were wondering…it tends to be DEEP work y’all because guess what, “how we do one thing is how we do everything” and this process requires vulnerability with ourselves and others in a whole new way. But don’t take our word for it–listen to someone who’s lived it!


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Summer Salsa!

Nothing spices up a summer menu like fresh salsas. Aside from being delicious, they’re a great way to make a boring meal more interesting without derailing your plans for healthy eating.

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Conversation Hearts

In honor of Valentine’s Day, some of our own MFF staff offer their thoughts and advice on Love… Talia Corren: To me, love is about honoring what happens when it’s not a holiday. When there aren’t flowers. When you haven’t washed your hair. When you can just BE with someone and feel recognized – in the …