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Testimonial: “The Answer I Didn’t Know I Was Looking For”

The third time an old lady tried to give me her seat on the subway because she thought I was pregnant, I had to face that my body had changed. I always thought of myself as a relatively healthy eater, but had gradually developed the habit of getting a burger and fries after work more often than not, and “needing” dessert after every meal. After my workouts dwindled from once a week to nothing at all for a year, I finally cancelled my gym membership on my 40th birthday. I remember going home with a bag of workout clothes from my locker, feeling like a huge failure. I was overweight and depressed – but changing my lifestyle just seemed too hard. 

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Testimonial: “Rabid Dog Attention to Detail”

I’ve always been totally intimidated by exercise due to body issues (translated: Will I be the chunky-monkey in the room?) and because I’ve always been fairly uncoordinated. Mark’s class is the first time I’ve ever looked forward to working out.  His energy and obvious love for a healthier and hotter life through fitness is wickedly addictive and I feel sexier and more positive in just a few sessions than I have in years.  I feel secure pushing my body towards new challenges because Mark’s rabid dog attention to detail lets me know when I’m straying away from the proper form.  When I nail a new exercise, his genuine praise of my success is the best thing ever.  If you’ve always wanted to get in better shape, but have been afraid or unsure how to start, I think now’s the time and Mark’s the place!

Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons

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Testimonial: “Jedi Fitness Master”

I’ve never been one for working out. I did a bit in college, and every now and again I’d be motivated enough to start hitting the elliptical a few times a week, but nothing ever stuck or did much to change my body. Two months ago, I was at my worst…literally, the worst shape of my life. I started ‘Snatched’ with the mindset that I needed to change, and that I should trust/follow the program to a ‘T’. I did both! I hit my nutritional goals, I hit the gym 3 days a week outside of class…pretty much if Mark said it, I did it. And sure enough, everything that Mr. Mark ‘Jedi-Fitness-Master’ Fisher said would happen, happened. I got stronger. My posture improved. I had more energy and started to feel great! Honestly, I can’t remember a time in life where I was working harder, and yet I also can’t remember a time when I felt more awake/alive. Mark’s approach to working out is infectiously passionate and his knowledge seems to be endless. He’s constantly supportive, consistently proactive, and always (and I mean ALWAYS) willing to assist you. Bottom line, I can’t imagine anyone ever working harder, or making it easier, for a group of people to reach their health and fitness goals. I can’t wait for the next class!

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Testimonial: “Push Ourselves to the Limit”

After two and half years of a sedentary lifestyle, combined with the consumption of massive amounts of booze and food, I was not feeling or looking so great and knew that it was time to get serious about getting my body back in shape. With a few prior failed attempts at going back to the gym and sustaining a regular fitness routine, I was introduced to the incredible results that Snatched could provide – through my friend Sean. After seeing his own incredible body transformation I was convinced that this program was exactly what the doctor ordered for me to get out of my slump and back on the path to health and hotness.

Neal Hunter Hyde

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Testimonial: “I’m Addicted to Eating Well”

I’ve been an active, gym-going type for many years.  I have, at times, eaten extremely well.  I like to think myself as having an advanced (albeit not expert) knowledge of fitness and proper nutrition.  I’ve never done of this with any amount of regularity.  Mark Fisher has absolutely revolutionized the way I approach exercise and eating.  He does this with a tireless wealth of knowledge, support, joy, humor and humility.  Many trainers can behave as if they know everything about every human body.  The wonderful thing about Mark is he probably knows more than most “professionals” out there but when he doesn’t, he is unafraid to say “I don’t know but I will find out.”  

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Testimonial: “Kept Me Sweating Buckets”

I decided to start Snatched because I had hit a wall with my workout regimen and needed a good kick in the pants to get me motivated. Boy did I get one! MFF was super challenging and kept me sweating buckets throughout the entire six weeks. Not only did I get a kick-ass workout but I also had Mark and the rest of my group there to motivate and support me in the studio. Beyond that, Mark was available 24/7 for anything that I needed – especially with nutritional issues, which was the biggest thing that I took away during the six week class. I had never tried counting my caloric intake and was shocked to find out the results and how easy it was to track and maintain. Overall, I feel that I now have a solid workout routine that will keep producing results, filled with a variety of affective exercise that I can perform safely. Snatched was everything I wanted and needed it to be and more. You’ll definitely see me back there again!

Neal Hunter Hyde Before and After

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Testimonial: “I Got One Fucked the Fuck Up Body”

At 32 years old I found myself at my heaviest ever, 207.5 pounds and a 44-inch waist.  I have early arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, I’m hyper-extensive, flat footed, I had Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome as a teenager, which did a number on my knees.  I’ve fractured an ankle, I’ve injured my back, separated a shoulder, and spent the first couple years of my life in first position, literally, as a baby I slept with shoes on and my parents tied them together so that, hopefully, my legs would grow straight.  Translation: I got one fucked the fucked up body.  And then my friend Angela introduced me to this crazy brilliant mo-fo Mark Fisher. 

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Testimonial: “A Fire Under My Ass”

It was the fear of not knowing what I was doing that set me apart from everyone else in the gym. I’d been a couple of times, looked around, and tried out some machines, tired quickly, and then, out of ignorance, left the gym. It was always a comfort to have the gym membership, but a fear to use it. No book, nor DVD, nor gym resource in the three years of my gym membership ever enlightened or brightened my outlook on fitness. It was always too non-descript, too general, and didn’t speak to me and what I was looking to get out of my membership. So for the three years of monthly fees, my fear kept me stagnant, and growing. I started to gain, and gain, and gain weight. Having always had extra weight on me, the last two years was a steady incline in weight, sizing out of all my clothing and continually purchasing larger and larger sizes. It wasn’t enough to bring my spirits down, but it certainly was an ever-present awareness that I was gaining, and becoming less confident with the way I held myself.

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Testimonial: “I Am So Much Stronger Now”

I have always been a very active person, loved working out, dancing, running, etc. A year ago I injured my back and wound up with a torn disc and tendinitis in both knees. I wasn’t cleared to work out for 6 months and my body and eating habits just fell apart. Before I started working out with Mark and doing Snatched, I still had a lot of sharp pain in my back and knees. Not only did Mark help me lose the weight I had gained, my back, knees, and whole body are completely pain free and I feel 10 times stronger than I did before! I was wearing a back brace in the show I perform in every night for 8 months, and since the second week of snatched I have been brace and pain free! Yes I lost weight, yes I toned up, yes I look and feel great, but the fact that I am completely pain free and know that I will stay that way because I am so much stronger now, was worth the whole experience. I also learned SO much about my body, and nutrition, and working out. I feel so prepared to take care of my body for the rest of my life. I appreciate and respect my body so much more now. I am so much more confident in my work and in my social life and about the abilities of my body. No matter how much you do or don’t know about working out or nutrition, Mark Fisher is an endless pool of knowledge that will still be able to teach you more! AND he’s fucking awesome and funny!!! TAKE THIS CLASS!!!!!