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Fresh Meat: Welcome Alison!

Ladies and Gentleman, I’m super stoked to announce the MFF Family has grown AGAIN.  I have every confidence we’re gonna be able to take the Ninja Lovin’ to a whole new level with the addition of our newest team member.  We’re are delighted, proud, and titillated to introduce you to our newest Office Ninja, Alison Quinones!

Christian Sineaths Journey

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Testimonial: “I knew it had to be BIG”

I signed up for the Snatched in Six Weeks program in June of 2011. During my pre-requisite FMS screen, the first thing that Mark Fisher asked me was, “Why are you here?” Suddenly and inexplicably I was fighting back tears. Speechless. I felt stupid and dramatic at the emotional response triggered by a such a simple question. I finally mumbled, “I’ve never been happy with my body, and I want to change that.” Mark didn’t skip a beat and said, “We will make your fitness dreams come true!” I believed him. And so my journey began.

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Food: A Love Story

In the first of a series of articles, MFF Super Ninja Stella Kaufman explores the “re-entry to orbit period.”  Once a Ninja achieves epic fitness glory and success… then what the fuck happens??  If you’ve had some success with your health and hotness goals but are struggling to find your way back to moderation, Stella’s perspective (and success) will be super helpful!