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The Elegant Boner: The F*cking Truth About Your Spine

by Fitness Ninja Liz Messina
At MFF, there is a lot of talk about the “elegant boner” spine (Watch This!). We like to use ridiculous phrases like “porn star”, “sad dog”, “care bear stare”, “rib cage boner” and of course the “high school wrestler” (Watch This!) to make it easy to achieve a neutral spine.  I know … I know, these are highly “scientific” terms and it is understandable that sometimes you may wonder why the hell we make such a big deal out of finding your neutral spine. So, let’s break this baby down and learn why a neutral spine is important not only for health and hotness, but will also improve your mood, brain function, joint health, and sex (meeeooowwwww)… oh, and did I say hotness?