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My Favorite Thing

One of the things I absolutely love about working at MFF is the willingness to celebrate. This is something I am obsessed with and something I see happen every single day.  Not only do I love to watch celebration, but I also deeply believe in its importance for a better life and world. The beauty is that it’s not only the MFF team I see celebrate, but the Ninjas as well. We celebrate big moments of PRs and weight loss or gain, and the seemingly small victories of merely showing up on the tough days.  

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A picture tells the story, or does it?

by Brian Patrick Murphy, Hotness Expert, Life Coach, Manimal
In the fitness industry pictures play an important part of the process of keeping a record of how our bodies change. We take pictures of the Ninjas on their first day. In life we have pictures in social media posts to remind us all of our progress or lack-thereof. We have every celebrity magazine, fitness magazine, TV show, movie to help us compare. We constantly stalk Facebook for our dream bodies to constantly judge ourselves by and to remind us all of where we stand. Everyone does it. We look straight to the washboard abs, Adonis shoulders or movie star asses of our favorite celebrities and immediately go to the mirror to compare ourselves. This is absolutely normal and can definitely be useful. It can also be unrealistic, painful and, in reality, not in line with what we truly want. Even for a fitness pro there are lessons to be learned.


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Confessions of a Well-Intentioned Actor

by Brian Patrick Murphy, Hotness Expert, Life Coach, Manimal
One recent Saturday morning,  I got on my usual N train from Astoria to head to the lovely MFF Clubhouse of Dreams. As I sat down on the train, my attention was immediately drawn to an actor sitting across from me, aggressively learning his lines from the sheet of paper in front of him. My mind flooded with memories. That could have been me. The thousands of auditions and call-backs and desperate feelings of needing a job. Feeling scared, anxious, excited, nervous and every other damn feeling that went along with all of it. For a moment I opened my eyes on the train and  felt thankful. Thankful that I didn’t have to – that I chose not to – do this anymore.