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What “Laughing Gas” Taught Me About Life & Weight Loss

Yesterday, I went to get a tooth pulled. I pushed the extraction off four separate times because, well, I act like a huge baby when it comes to tooth pain, and oftentimes, I would rather push pain off and have it loom over my head than rip the band-aid off. Can anyone relate? After my husband, Josh, demanded I get it done, I finally went in. Although I was dreading it, one thing secretly excited me…Nitrous Oxide. I had never had it before and I heard it was downright great. I was excited for the excuse, like a kid about to have their first taste of wine at a wedding.

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How to Avoid Sabotaging Yourself (To Be Accepted)

Once upon a time, I was working with an actress who was on the brink of BIG success. She had tasted some pretty incredible opportunities but something was keeping her feeling stuck and she wasn’t quite sure what it was. She wasn’t booking and she didn’t feel like she was hitting it out of the park anymore. Now, as any in the industry knows, she could have been hitting it out the park and still not booking, but somewhere in her, she knew that wasn’t the case. She knew she wasn’t putting her best foot forward. She was creating excuses to avoid responsibility for the vision she created (for her body, health and career).