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Ask the Wizard!

Greetings Ninjas!

Welcome to the third edition of ASK THE WIZARD. I am here to answer all your questions about life, business, and the pursuit of awesomeness. Let’s dive into two fantastic questions you guys submitted. Don’t forget to submit YOUR question here. The Wizard knows all, so don’t be shy!
“Abs! What’s the MFF approach? I know it’s all about diet, sleep, and exercise… For the exercise what’s your most proven techniques? Especially for the magical V. (And I don’t mean vagina.)”

Chief Operating Officer Kyle Young

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Meet the Meat: Kyle Young

Ladies and gentlemen, the MFF Family has birthed another glistening, glorious unicorn into our midst. Lay down the Twister mat, strip down to the tasteful undergarment of your choice, and let’s welcome Chief Operating Officer Kyle Young into our writhing nest of Ninja love!