Month: September 2014


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Greetings Ninjas! Welcome to the very first edition of ASK THE WIZARD. I am here to answer all your questions about life, business, and the pursuit of awesomeness. Let’s get started with two splendid questions submitted to yours truly.   “Would love advice about my new healthy lifestyle and my significant other not working on the same stuff (read: we are out of synch).”


by Rob Fortier, Ninja and Creativity Coach I’ve worked with lots of talented people who just weren’t having the careers they wanted, struggling with money and frustrated by their situations. Many of them, however, felt their only responsibility was to paint their hearts out, write amazing stories, or practice singing a song until it was perfect. Most of them were spending very little time doing anything else but working on their craft. While creating is a big part of the work involved in having a creative career, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s only part of the work. There are so many factors that creatives can’t control. The art buyers or publishers or casting directors are usually the ones that decide who’s going to get the paycheck, and that can be extremely frustrating if you’re the one waiting around to find out if you’ll be able to eat and cover your rent this month.