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Ask the Wizard

Got questions about finding balance in your life? Want some ideas for reducing stress? Looking for ideas with business and career issues? Need advice on relationships? Wondering what to feed the unicorn? Let the Wizard help you out! (TWEET THAT SHIT!) Ask the Wizard is our sexy new MFF newsletter feature, where answers are just a click away! Let the Wizard answer any and all …

Yogurt blueberry

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Blowing the Lid off Greek Yogurt

It’s all Greek to Me
When I look at the yogurt section in the grocery store, there are a million choices. Most of them are Greek, and all of it is overwhelming.  Greek, full fat, low fat, nonfat, plain, fruit on the bottom, blended, fruit on the side, flip.

boopee dance

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Turbo Charge Your Why

In the Mark Fisher Fitness Snatched in Six Weeks® program, we always ask, what is your “Why”? Why are you committing to this for 6 weeks? Why are you stepping out of your comfort zone? Why did you just give us a month’s rent to do this? Having a strong Why is super important when it comes to taking action and getting started.

G.I. Joe

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Train Like a Superhero!

It’s no secret that Fury’s a big geek. Now, it’s also no secret that I occasionally refer to myself in the third person. Comic books, movies and toys are all deep-rooted parts of my being. Most of my students are not surprised when I reference a comic book or movie character to help cue a technique or lift. However, they are sometimes surprised when something so geeky actually works. These all started out as part of my own visualization process. Yeah, for better or worse, this is how my mind works sometimes. These cues have all been proven to be effective in my own and my students’ training. All right, let’s dork out.