Month: May 2014


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One of the things I absolutely love about working at MFF is the willingness to celebrate. This is something I am obsessed with and something I see happen every single day.  Not only do I love to watch celebration, but I also deeply believe in its importance for a better life and world. The beauty is that it’s not only the MFF team I see celebrate, but the Ninjas as well. We celebrate big moments of PRs and weight loss or gain, and the seemingly small victories of merely showing up on the tough days.  


Part 2 of a now 4-part series  (Due to the breadth of this topic, this has been made into a 4 part series instead of 3) In the first article of this series, we discussed some of the philosophical realities of why optimal breathing might be a “magic” potion when dealing with stressors. Today, I’m going to dig way deeper into the specifics of this philosophy by exploring the nervous system/brain-stress connection. First though, I’d like to make a comment or two on the idea of “optimality,” a qualification towards human anatomical commonalities and differences.


Once upon a time, I was working with an actress who was on the brink of BIG success. She had tasted some pretty incredible opportunities but something was keeping her feeling stuck and she wasn’t quite sure what it was. She wasn’t booking and she didn’t feel like she was hitting it out of the park anymore. Now, as any in the industry knows, she could have been hitting it out the park and still not booking, but somewhere in her, she knew that wasn’t the case. She knew she wasn’t putting her best foot forward. She was creating excuses to avoid responsibility for the vision she created (for her body, health and career).