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The MFF Family Grows AGAIN (seriously!)

Yep. I know what you’re thinking.  This is crazed.  The Unicorn of Glory is clearly in heat and CLEARLY does not use protection, as our Mystical Mother has popped out another MFFer to take care of the ever growing Ninja Army.  Lucky for all of us, our newest Fitness Ninja is a rare combination of intellect, fitness victory, and a nurturing and kind soul…. also, he’s a fucking CLOWN.  Like…actually.  For realz.  A CLOWN!!  (Don’t worry, not the “It” scary kind, the awesome kind.)

Axes are so fucking important.

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Smaller Frequent Meals Often Suck for Fat Loss But Are Excellent For Making You Batshit Crazy

As long time readers know, an ongoing topic of discussion on this blog is the body’s counterintuitive behavior.  Oftentimes, the body responds to our efforts in ways that don’t seem to jive with what we would expect. Getting pumped up doesn’t lead to lasting muscle gain, doing crunches doesn’t burn body fat on your stomach, and epic amounts of cardio don’t get most people very shredded.