Month: January 2012


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And here we are again.   Another calendar year has finished…and another holiday season full of cookies, booze, and cheer has passed.  If you’re like most, you may have seen your health and hotness slip up a little bit.  No prob!  The best time to plant a tree was two years ago.  The second best time is today.  Let’s get crackin’!…what’s that, gentle reader?  You’re not sure where to begin?  Never fear.  Here are some strategies to kick some major fitness ass in 2012.1)    Write It Down! – Seriously.  Write it down.  It’s no coincidence that virtually every major goal setting book expounds on the importance of writing your goals down.  Now I’m not gonna get all metaphysical on you, but trust me, it’s not enough just to “think it” or even to “know it.”  If it matters, WRITE IT DOWN.  I think most folks would benefit from taking some time and writing down some specific goals for ALL realms of their life.  How much money are you going to make?  What places will you visit on vacation?  What hot guys or gals are you going to make out with?  WRITE IT DOWN.  (Just hide that shit if it’s incriminating.  “Grandma!!  What the F#$K are you doing reading my journal?!?  And what are you messaging to (hot chick) on Facebook?!  Oh… sweet… that IS a good line.  High five Grandma!”)