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“Snatched at MFF is simple, it is efficient, it is eloquent. A bawdy, silly brilliance is what it is.” - Ninja Stephanie

Boy, am I glad that I decided to bring myself to Mark Fisher Fitness to have a look around with the idea of signing up for Snatched in Six Weeks.
I hate exercising – loathe and detest it! (During one period of my life, I had made a vow that I would not leave my apartment until I had done my set regimen. When I realized that I was never going out until 8:00 or 9:00 at night, I decided it was in my best interest to scrap that plan.) Yes, I hate exercising.
But this place… this place! Classes at MFF are the only thing for which I have never been late – a wonderment in and of itself.
The care and encouragement on hand here sustains process and progress. And it’s fun! It’s not easy, but it is fun.
Those days when I was anxious that I couldn’t, wouldn’t or was just plain ol’ wore out, I was in a room with people who didn’t let me fail. The bond of a shared, sweaty experience creates strong alliances, and is nothing to sniff at.
And I marvel at the ability of the staff at Mark Fisher Fitness to make every one of us who comes in feel like seeing YOU made their day (when in fact seeing the staff at MFF when I come in makes my day). How did MFF find them? How did they find MFF? AmAzInG!
A kind of crazy confluence! A remarkable, distinctive alchemy!
A bawdy, silly brilliance is what it is. Snatched at MFF is simple, it is efficient, it is eloquent. Sharing mega-boatloads of information on nutrition and fitness and surrounding every one of us with kindness and consideration while cheering everyone on toward their goal with an absolute zeal for beautiful movements: It is really brilliant.
The last Snatched class wasn’t easy for me, but it wasn’t until after the class that I realized how very much I was able to do and how much better I had been able to do it. Again, amazing…
Thank you to everyone at MFF who guides and supports the travel.

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