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“I feel like I've allowed myself to take care of myself in a way I always wanted to but couldn't really figure out how.” - Ninja Jen

When I joined MFF, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do Snatched, I started happy with the idea of doing classes only, and didn’t feel the need for a same day / same time commitment with the same people for six weeks. I was very busy with work, sleeping very little, eating out constantly (because I “had to” due to my very irregularly scheduled job), addicted to coffee, and feeling exhausted most of the time. I woke up tired, caffeinated myself all day, and stayed up too late doing “important things.” I didn’t think I could make room for a six week commitment, I couldn’t picture how I could fit in something else to my already packed life.

So as it goes, after overhearing a Snatched group happening when I was leaving the Clubhouse my interest was peaked, and I end up doing Snatched. (Probably for fear of being left out). And, holy unicorn, am I a different person than I was six weeks ago? (I totally am). It turns out something very special happens when you commit to yourself for six straight weeks. Snatched is a commitment to every moment in those six weeks to do better and to be better in multiple facets of fitness and life. In turn, you change for the better in so many ways. For me, life became easier. Not only was I saving money by cooking and barely eating out anymore, I was sleeping like a dream, and working out harder than I ever had at the Clubhouse. I also became happier! I wake up without an alarm clock now, and although I enjoy my morning coffee ritual, I often don’t finish the mug, and that’s it for coffee for the day. I sleep better and more, I respect myself to go to bed earlier and what used to feel like an impossible goal… eight hours of sleep at least… is now a pretty easy gift to give myself nightly. Fitting in this gift to myself became actually quite easy, and I realized a lot of not so useful or important or even fun things that took up a lot of time in my day that I could shed, making working out, cooking and sleeping fit in pretty naturally. I feel like I’ve allowed myself to take care of myself in a way I always wanted to but couldn’t really figure out how.

Another huge reward from getting Snatched is the lifelong friendships of my fellow Ninjas. To share this experience with a group of people who are also devoting their time and money to give themselves each a gift of health and hotness, creates a room full of magic. I started Snatched as a Ninja afraid to make a peep during bear crawls (an activity where more outgoing classmates might make noises) to being one of the loudest growlers in the room. I know that might sound really silly and not that huge, but it is a marker for me of a freedom I haven’t felt in a long time, perhaps childhood. The freedom of self through strength, hard work, camaraderie, community and laughter has been the best gift I’ve ever given to myself.

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