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More than anything, I have so much gratitude. I'm grateful for this place that really understands what I value and how I approach things and is willing to meet me where I am. - Ninja Hassan

This is my second time doing Snatched in two years. When I compare both of my Snatched journeys, it really comes down to two things: resistance vs. surrender. The first time, I fought the process the entire way. On the one hand, I knew what the Kool-Aid tasted like and was obviously okay with it, but part of me wouldn’t allow myself to bring my own glass and just fill that bitch up. I had to justify everything and in a lot of ways, even though there’s no way to do this wrong, I got in my own way.

I finished Snatched the first time feeling a little “meh” about my results, but satisfied with the knowledge I had gained around nutrition and what I was physically capable of and chalked it up to experience.

Fast forward to this year. Due to circumstances beyond my control, all of my progress from the previous session had eroded. I was trying to make it work at various muggle gyms and nothing was clicking (except from the debits out of my bank account for these sub par experiences). Reflecting on my previous Snatched experience, I had an epiphany: the way I had showed up for those six weeks was the way I had been showing up for life. Resistant. Suspicious. Controlling. I had made so many changes in my life and my business and needed another jump start, but wanted to do it differently. I opted in to this session, with surrender as the theme. I was going to go all in and just follow the instructions (including doing SPs, Mark!) without judgement or the need for absolute perfection. I was going to just get on the mat and meet myself wherever I was at that day.

I followed through on this and found that I was able to connect more deeply with all the people guiding me through this and to really listen to what was being said. I knew what a hinge was, but I didn’t receive it before. I knew that the plank was the basis for almost everything, but this time I REALLY GOT IT. I learned how to communicate exactly what and how I was feeling so the proper adjustments could be made. Semi-privates actually changed the game for me because I was able to play with what I thought my limits were and really speak to them. Of course, I hit that plateau where I didn’t feel like anything was really happening in terms of the the weight I was attempting to lose, but it didn’t even matter so much because I knew I was strong as fuck. I developed a new habit of walking around with my hand on my stomach because I could feel new muscles there. I actually received (not heard, but received) the message that this is a jump start and that the work is just beginning, and I’m okay with it.

I think the largest takeaway for me personally was something I shared with Matt Wilson this week. More than anything, I have so much gratitude. I’m grateful to be in this place in my life and my business where I can afford to have these sorts of revelations and experiences and the tools to understand what they mean. I’m grateful for this place that really understands what I value and how I approach things, and is willing to meet me where I am. I’m also grateful that no one held a grudge against that person who showed up last time. Im typing this as I’m staring at a box of pizza that I murdered last night and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt about. These glorious gifts keep giving.

I’ve been changed for good.

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