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Snatched has made me a more powerful, more confident, more knowledgeable person. - Ninja Gaelen

I’ve spent a lot of that time out of college, and after the ‘freshman 15’…which turned into the ‘real life 25’, feeling puffy and out of my power. I’ve lost some weight before and found that place of power, but never was able to maintain it. I now feel like I have the tools and ability to not only maintain, but live in the power that comes with being hot and healthy. It’s a part time job!! It’s work, and I had hoped it would be easier and a more magical equation, but it’s just not. It’s work! I’ve got to pay the rent. I was under the impression that it would be work to reach that goal, but then easy stay there and maintain. Not true at all…I always gained the weight back! I feel that maintenance could possibly be the hardest part of this program. I feel that that’s when I’ll need the most help/guidance/love/support/unicorn magic. That’s when I plan to do the Snatched By Association. I think it’ll be exactly when I need the most love….MFF style.

In conclusion, Snatched has made me a more powerful, more confident, more knowledgeable person. I’ve picked up knowledge not only about health and nutrition, but about self preservation, self awareness and personal power. The philosophy of MFF is one that allows a better life…one with kindness, support of other humans and self, a free creative spirit, fun silliness, and personal power and awesomeness! I knew and practiced some of these principles previously, but they’ve only resonated deeper with me thru THIS process. There’s more of a plan now, more of a community to be accountable to, more of a burning desire to be the very best version of me. And isn’t that what we should all strive for? The most authentic and powerful version of ourselves? I know that’s what I want. Pay the rent! Get Better! LIVE!

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