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Mentally, I've never been so focused on the positive and I generally just feel pretty f*cking happy! I cannot wait to continue training with these sexpots and the amazing MFF staff and community. - Ninja Erin

I had heard the name Mark Fisher Fitness since moving to NYC 4 years ago. But at that time I was mostly concerned about being young and wild in the city. Getting wasted and whatnot. However, I found myself turning 27 this year and feeling pretty lousy about myself and consequently not booking any shows. My dreams just were not happening. So many times I kept hearing, “You have an amazing voice but we just need a complete package and you’re just not a leading lady body type.” I decided to be defiant and seek companionship from whatever food I could get my hands around, leading to more depression and thus continuing the vicious cycle.

One morning I woke up and started scrolling through old pictures, pictures from a time I could have sworn I was fat and realized I was way smaller than I was now. Had I just blacked out and eaten myself into a stupor for 4 years and am now just waking up? I also realized that I couldn’t blame other peoples perceptions of me in this business for my unhappiness. I just wasn’t happy with myself, plain and simple. I sat down and seriously contemplated what was attributing to my unhappiness. Well, first off my diet was terrible, I wasn’t getting enough exercise, and I was blaming everyone and everything for my problems without taking any of the responsibility on myself. You can imagine how my relationship with my boyfriend and my friends was going. No Bueno.

I decided to look at the MFF website and take a gander. I knew people that went and sang the praises of the unicorn halfway house. I went a couple more days, went back on, read more testimonials, pondered, called, got scared, hung up, and so on.

I went to talk to my momma who said, “You’ve spent most of your adult life using your weight as an excuse for why you aren’t where you thought you’d be by now. Go sign up at this unicorn place you speak of, and start claiming your life.” As always, Mom was right.

The rest as they say, is history. Joining Snatched was the best decision of my life. And what’s better is my bestie Amanda also did Snatched with me! I’m tearing up just thinking about everyone and my journey through the last 6 weeks. I stuck to plan A for eating and it was a game changer. I’d really never eaten so much protein in my life. I can now cook! I have become so informed about my body and my eating habits and completely mind fucked as to what I was actually putting into my body from just one meal on the go. Dammit, it’s so easy to be fat! Snatched challenged me physically and mentally, also getting up for the 7 am was a challenge in itself but BPM always gave me “Perspective Sundays.” Getting up and swinging kettle bells, living your best life, not something to complain about. I began paying rent for my success as a performer, a friend, a ninja, and a girlfriend.

I cannot say enough about the Snatched trainers. From Geoff playing jazz during my consultation so I would feel at ease to Mark, Amanda, and Brian genuinely supporting and encouraging each and every one of us through the six weeks and beyond. Whether it be by adjusting us during our workouts or emotionally if we needed a sweaty hug, and always a reminder of my “why” when I needed to push my ass off the floor. These Superheroes are changing this world, one Ninja at a time. I lost 13 pounds and 5 inches total. My arms have never looked like they do now. My f.u.p.a is deflating, and I feel strong as fuck. Mentally, I’ve never been so focused on the positive and I generally just feel pretty fucking happy! I cannot wait to continue training with these sexpots and the amazing MFF staff and community.

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