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The intense pride I feel for myself is nowhere near the pride I feel for my fellow 6:30 PM warriors, the entire August class and, indeed, all Snatcheders everywhere. - Ninja Andrew

I’m not sure what to say other than THANK YOU. Also, it’s proving difficult to encapsulate the experience into mere words.

Snatched has been about so much more than a new notch on my belt or a tighter T-shirt. Don’t mistake me, those things are HUGE, but the primary take-away for me has been the revelatory progression from “I may do this” to “I can do this” to “I fucking did this!” Moreover, the intense pride I feel for myself is nowhere near the pride I feel for my fellow 6:30 PM warriors, the entire August class, and indeed all Snatcheders everywhere. The genius of the program is that you end up caring almost as much about the effort and results of your classmates as you do for your own. Milestones are cheered and elevated, hardships are shared and thus diminished, and in the end an individual challenge becomes a group celebration.

There would be no pride, progress, or celebrating without the extraordinary work of the Ninja Army at large and the best collection of trainers, coaches, and human beings ever assembled. Every step of the way, you are secure in the knowledge that EVERYONE at MFF is doing their level best to encourage and incite you to greatness. No question is ignored, no problem is left untouched, the hand never leaves your shoulder, and there’s a legion of voices perpetually screaming “YES!” in your ear. They KNOW you can succeed even before you begin and that confidence in the program and in you never wavers. These are truly awesome people.

Special shout-outs:

• Matt Wilson, for “Those are MONEY!”
• Kyle Langworthy, for every “Yesssss, Dude!”
• Brian Patrick Murphy, for “Child please…”
• Amanda Wheeler, for referring to me with liberal use of the word “Stud”
• Staci Jackson, for her Proud Mary dance moves specifically and generally for her willingness to motivate us by any means necessary.
• Chris, Ilana, and Prescott, for welcoming me every day and cheering me on or cheering me up much more than they realize or I may have expressed.
• And to Mark Fisher, for shepherding us all through this process with honesty, humor, and near-constant contact.

I cannot put it simpler but to say I love you all.

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