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Not only did I walk out looking different – having lost 5 inches, 5 lbs. and getting all my muscles back and then some – but I walked out feeling different. - Ninja Allison

Having moved to NYC only days after graduating college without a group of friends, living on my brother’s couch for nearly a year, and too introverted for a social life, I was scared I had set the tone for what was to become my life in the city. I was also scared that I was going to lose all my college muscle and pack on the Eataly pounds with a side of Shake Shack jiggle.

While luckily enough that didn’t exactly happen, I without a doubt lost my muscle definition and I stopped seeing what I loved about my body. I was never the toned, athletic girl but I prided myself on how strong I was. With that said, I can’t say I’ve ever been 100% comfortable in my body and I believe it showed through in my life.

When I signed up for Snatched, I was nervous because while I have never yoyo’d in weight or even tried to diet, I’ve always just maintained even while working out a ton and trying multiple fitness avenues. I was convinced I was going to pay all this money to walk out looking exactly the same.

My god, was I wrong on so many levels.

Not only did I walk out looking different (having lost 5 inches, 5 lbs. and getting all my muscles back and then some), but I walked out feeling different. I would have even been happy not losing any weight because what I gained was so much more valuable. I gained the confidence to say, “Damn, I look hot and I look hot now.” I don’t have to wait until I lose weight to allow myself to feel good about myself.

I also walked out an emotionally stronger me. How can you not with trainers shouting everyday that you deserve it! “Who are you going to be today?” “You are a f*cking rock star!” I could go on and on about the staff and how they not only made me push myself past my physical limits but also opened my eyes to what I deserve from myself and others, making me realize that sometimes to trim the physical fat, you have to trim the fat in your life as well.

The end of Snatched is nowhere near the end for me. This was merely the end of the beginning as now I have hope that a light at the end of the tunnel even exists and I want to ride that light as long as I can.

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